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    5 ways to improve your EVP image 11. Broadcast Your Employees’ Company Achievements

    Publicly acknowledging your employees for the great work done by either posting it on a public news-feed or bulletin board with some sort of reward that can range from a special parking space to something as small as providing a few points on a recognition platform are great ways to motivate people into action. All of these options go from free to maybe costing you 10$ for the recognition and are great ways of motivating people.

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    5 ways to improve your EVP image 22. Offer In-Person Thanks

    Beyond publicly recognizing effort digitally or on bulletin boards, taking the employee aside for lunch as a thank you for a job well done is a great way of both motivating them to continually go above and beyond, and it will also give you the chance of asking questions of your employees to discover how they think the company could be improved. Moreover, it will allow you to get to know your employees on a more personal level.

    5 ways to improve your EVP image 33. Encourage Your Employees to Increase Their Skill Sets

    Offering and/or paying for employees to take classes and seminars will not only teach them new skills to better do their jobs, but it will create even better employees to give back, and move up within your organization. Supporting their drive and ambition are great ways to create the kind of loyalty among your employees that every business wants to cultivate.

    5 ways to improve your EVP image 44. Make Your Recognition and Rewarding Personal

    Along with identifying the employees who do great work around the workplace, taking them aside and thanking them personally with a handshake, a handwritten note from someone in upper management or a leadership position is a tangible reward that they will also associate with the workplace and increase loyalty.

    5 ways to improve your EVP image 55. Include an Employee Recognition Program

    Platforms like Applauz are greats way in which you can not only recognize publicly but also reward your employees and points that can be exchanged for gifts through the marketplace. These kinds of programs are great for making employees feel valued in their day-to-day routines, but also offers them a chance to redeem points for great quality gifts that they earn for free with their points. Not only does it create loyalty but motivates to continually improve. It allows for tangible rewards that cultivate a better workforce than simple cash rewards may offer.

    While these are only a few of the best suggestions you can use to increase what your company offers your employees, there are a number of different ways you can increase the productivity and profitability of your workforce. Keep up with Applauz’s posts to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest methods to make your workforce the best it can be.

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