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It feels great to strike a task off your to-do list. What feels even better is receiving a reward for a job well done.

Applauz Goals work to motivate and keep employees on task. When a goal is completed, employees receive hard-earned Applauz Points.  

Points can be redeemed in the Applauz Rewards Marketplace for a wide variety of high-quality brand-named gifts.

In this article, we will explore the basics of Applauz Goals, and how this feature can be used to take your recognition program to the next level!

What we’ll cover:

When to Use Goals on Applauz

There are two key differences between Applauz Goals and other performance tracking tools. 

First, Goals are designed to be flexible. Managers can use the goals feature to formalize a variety of goals, not just work-related ones. Any task, mandate, or assignment or participation in a friendly contest can be made into a goal, for example:

  • Work-Related Goal (ex. Accomplish an assignment by a certain date)
  • Personal Growth Goal (ex. Read a book or article)
  • Professional Development Goal (ex. Take an online course)
  • Social Goals (ex. Organize a social event)

Second, and most notably, Applauz Goals work with Recognition Points.

Once a Goal is completed, the employee is rewarded with Points. Points are your program's recognition currency and are redeemable for gifts in the Applauz Marketplace.

How to Create a New Goal 

Access the Goals module by navigating to Program>Goals.

Once selected, this will bring you to the Goals module, where you have a birds-eye-view of all the current goals underway.

You can filter by Goals created by you or other Manager's as well.


To create a new goal, click on the "New Goal" button in the top right of the screen just below your profile photo.

Once selected a modal will pop up. Here you must enter the following information:

  • Give your Goal a name 
  • Add a description for your employees to know what is expected of them 
  • Add the employees you would like to participate 
  • Break the Goal down into smaller sub-task (optional)
  • Assign the number of Points which will be awarded upon completion (optional)
  • Select a Badge to award upon completion of the Goal (optional)

Once all the selections are complete, click on ‘Set Goal’ to launch your newly created challenge for your team!


What happens when you create a new goal 

When a Manager creates a new goal and assigns it to an employee, the employee will receive an automatic notification email.

The Goal will also appear on the right panel of the employee’s Newsfeed. So every time they log into Applauz, they will be reminded of their upcoming Goals.

Note: If a Goal isn’t marked as ‘achieved’ by the official deadline, an automatic email reminder will be sent to the Manager in charge of that Goal.

How to Modify an Existing Goal

Access the Goals module by navigating to Program>Goals.

You will be brought to your Goals module, where you will be able to see all the current goals underway. Select the card of the goal you wish to modify,.

A modal for that goal will pop up. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon. This will allow you to modify all the information associated with the Goal. 

Make the necessary changes to the goal, and to finalize, click on "Update Goal."

Note: Following these steps, a manager can also 'delete' a goal or mark it as ‘partially achieved’ or ‘not met.'

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