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What are Pulse Surveys & Why Use Them

Pulse Surveys are a series of automated, scientifically-driven questions designed to help you understand how engaged your employees actually are.

Questions are grouped thematically into topical areas which include, Employee Sentiment, Career Development, Diversity & Inclusion, and more.

Pulse Surveys measure each and every aspect of Employee Engagement to help you realign corporate behaviours and practices accordingly.

By understanding what your employees really want and expect from their job in terms of leadership, recognition, and rewards or career growth, your company can increase its bottom line in the long run.


Why Use Pulse Surveys?

  • Immediate and completely anonymous employee engagement insight
  • Long-term employee engagement insight (reports)
  • Informs your engagement strategy and tactics
  • Increases employee sense of belonging
  • Improves company culture

Pulse Survey questions evaluate every component of Employee Engagement

Pulse Survey questions are grouped into themes. Each theme represents, and intends to measure, a critical component of employee engagement:PS_Survey-Reports_By-Theme

  1. Career Growth
  2. Leadership
  3. Diversity & Belonging
  4. Wellness & Balance
  5. Recognition & Rewards
  6. Mission & Purpose
  7. Goals & Alignment
  8. Autonomy & Empowerment
  9. Benefits & Compensation
  10. Team & Communication
  11. Safety & Security 
  12. Work & Performance
  13. eNPS

Pulse Surveys are designed to leave no area of employee engagement in the dark.

Pulse Surveys are ongoing throughout the calendar year and are repeated from time to time so that you can gain a better understanding of how employee sentiment changes over time.

Pulse Survey answers are:

  • 100% anonymous
  • Actionable
  • Measurable

Keeping Pulse Surveys anonymous is paramount to your employee engagement strategy’s success. It allows your employees to express feelings that they might not be comfortable enough to say face-to-face.