Integrate BambooHR with Applauz Recognition

  1. Log into your Applauz Account, and navigate to your Integrations Page
    Bamboo Integration Image 1
  2. Select the BambooHR_Install from the BambooHR window on your screen
    Bamboo Integration Image 2
  3. Log in to your BambooHR account by entering your sub-domain name and Pasting (Ctrl+V) your API Key
  4. Back on the BambooHR section, select “Import Users” to pull your list of employees from your BambooHR account
  5. A modal will appear showing you how many users will be created, updated, and how many users conflict with another Applauz Account and therefore cannot be imported
  6. Select the drop down option “Users which won’t be updated” to see a list of all conflicting employees that will not be imported
  7. Clicking on continue will bring up a list of all employees who will be synced with your Applauz account
  8. To initiate the integration, select Sync
  9. If you want to be consistently up-to-date, you can select the option at the bottom of this section that reads: Auto-sync every 24 hours for automatic synchronization of your employee lists between BambooHR and Applauz Recognition