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How to Configure Pulse Surveys

How to turn ON Pulse surveys, activate or deactivate questions & themes, and add your own custom questions.

To turn the Pulse Survey Module ON, navigate to the Program > Pulse Surveys.

Note: By default, only Applauz Program Administrators have access to turn on Pulse Surveys.

To turn Pulse Surveys on, click on "Configure Pulse Surveys."

Once you click on Configure Pulse Surveys, you will land on the "Configuration" page. Here you have a global view of all the Pulse Survey themes and the related questions.

Viewing Themes & Questions


If you want to view the specific questions within each theme, simply click on the downwards facing arrow next to the theme.


Doing this will allow you to view all the questions within that theme.  

How to activate/deactivate questions or themes

You can enable/disable specific questions or entire themes. To do so, click on "Customize."


Here you can disable the entire theme by clicking the larger toggle button off. Or, you can disable singular questions by clicking off the smaller toggle next to each question.

Once you've customized the Pulse Surveys to your liking, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes" to go back to exit the customization menu.

Then click "Next" to continue onto the next step.

You will land on the confirmation page, detailing the following information:

  1. When surveys will be sent out
  2. How the theme questions will be asked 
  3. When to expect reports and results and how you will be notified

When you're ready to launch your Pulse Surveys just click on "Turn ON Pulse Surveys."

Adding your own custom themes & questions

Applauz allows administrators to add their own custom themes and questions. The process is simple, just navigate to Program>Pulse Surveys. Here you will find the option to add a custom theme and/or questions.

Don't worry, you can always edit, delete, or disable any of these themes or questions.