Connecting Slack to your Applauz account (for Employees)

Employees will also have to connect Applauz to their personal Slack accounts.

Note: Employees will not be able to connect their Applauz accounts unless an Administrator has connected Applauz to their company Slack workspace first.

  1. While on Slack, locate the "Apps" section within the navigation menu on the left-hand side. Click the "+" symbol (Add apps) to open the app directory.

  2. Type "Applauz" in the search bar to find the Applauz app.

  3. Click on the Applauz app to add it to your Slack workspace. It should appear under the "Apps" section of your Slack navigation menu.

  4. Click on the Applauz Slack app to open it. You should be on the "Home" tab of the app by default.

    image (12)
  5. Click "Connect to Applauz" to start the integration.
  6. Click "Allow" to grant Applauz access to your Slack account. You'll be brought to an Applauz login screen.
  7. Log-in using your Applauz credentials. You'll be redirected to Slack once the app is fully integrated.
  8. Back under the "Home" tab of the Applauz Slack app, you should see a message saying "You are currently logged into Applauz." if the connection was made successfully.