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Guide Employee Engagement with Our New Workplace Hub

Introducing Workplace, our revamped employee homepage designed to put you in control. Access company info, quick profiles, and timely reminders for a focused workday.

Stay connected to company culture and never miss important updates. Your company culture hub awaits!


Find out what's new with:

The Newsfeed Pulse Surveys Goals Perk Rewards

Engage, Recognize, and Stay Informed

with enhanced features for the Newsfeed

Find with Ease: Advanced Newsfeed Search

Discover a more efficient way to navigate the newsfeed with Advanced Search. Filter by date, type, authors, recipients, polls, groups, or departments.

No more endless scrolling, just pinpoint what you need. Empower your productivity and stay informed effortlessly.


Engage with the New Polls Experience!

Engage your team like never before with integrated polls in the newsfeed. Seamlessly add polls to posts and recognitions, increasing visibility and gathering valuable insights.

Empower your managers with effortless data collection and take your workplace collaboration to new heights! 


Maximize Impact with Augmented Awards

Take recognition to the next level with Augmented Awards. Award multiple badges and let others join in by giving points and badges of their own. Foster collaborative appreciation, boost team spirit, and maximize employee recognition.

Embrace a culture of continuous appreciation and celebrate your team's success together. 


Share Appreciation with Enriched Comments

Elevate your recognition culture with Enriched Comments. React to comments on posts and recognitions using emojis. Boost engagement, build stronger relationships, and create a connected community.

Foster a culture of support and appreciation.


Learn Best Practices: Highlighted Articles

Elevate your recognition game with our curated collection of insightful articles. Uncover impactful recognition strategies and valuable examples to enhance your recognition skills.

Click on the article links in the sidebar to embark on your learning journey and master the art of appreciation.


Amplified Employee Voice

We’ve upgraded Pulse Surveys so you can listen, learn, and lead better

Transform Your Workforce: Introducing New Performance Indexes

Unleash the power of employee well-being and motivation with our latest additions - the Wellness Index and Motivation Score.

Measure burnout levels, work-life balance, and intrinsic motivation. Gain valuable insights to enhance employee well-being and drive peak performance. 


Analyze, and Uncover New Insights

Dive into data-driven decision-making with our new Report Comparison Views.



Utilize Side-by-Side Comparison to visualize differences in different timeframes, departments, or teams.



Utilize the Matrix Comparison to get a comprehensive overview of themes and organizational units. 

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Supercharge Goal Management

Embrace the power of new & improved tools.

Track Your Success: Goal Stats Overview

Keep your goals on track with our Goal Stats Overview. Quickly assess your progress and success rate by viewing ongoing, completed, partially completed, and missed goals.

Gain valuable insights and stay motivated on your journey to success. Take charge of your goals and unleash your full potential with this powerful feature.


Plan & Track Goals with Precision: Introducing Calendar View!

Elevate your goal management with our all-new Calendar View! See your goals in a clear, organized calendar, based on due dates. Easily toggle between Board and Calendar views, empowering you to dive deep into the details.

Stay on top of your objectives, achieve success, and celebrate your accomplishments. 


Organize & Streamline Goal Management with Custom Groups.

Take control of your goals with Goal Groups! Organize and categorize your initiatives for seamless tracking and easy access. Create custom groups, assign names, and colors for clear visualization.

Stay structured, stay efficient, and drive success with Goal Groups. 


Perks Reloaded. Unleashing New Possibilities.

Revamped Reward Perks for Increased Flexibility

Elevate your employee rewards with our revamped Reward Perks! Enjoy enhanced flexibility by setting redemption limits for custom offerings, precisely controlling perk availability.

What’s more, offer perks for free, without points or badges, and craft a diverse Perks Catalog that delights your employees.


Collaborate and Streamline Perk Fulfillment

Elevate your Perks management with our latest features!


Fulfillment Responsible

Now you can select who handles perk fulfillment when Perk rewards are redeemed. Empower Perk creators to choose program admins, department heads, or specific individuals for seamless and collaborative fulfillment.


Post-Redemption View

After a Perk is redeemed, both users and fulfillment responsibles gain access to this seamless interface. Enjoy clear redemption & fulfillment instructions, effortless communication, and convenient document sharing. 

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