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The Newsfeed

published: April 1, 2019

The Newsfeed is where all the action happens. It's also is the home page of the platform.

Think of it as your company’s employee engagement “town square,” where all social and professional interactions occur to develop and boost employee morale and engagement.

Owners and managers can also complement a recognition posts with badges and Applauz Points (redeemable on the Rewards Marketplace). All Newsfeed posts are visible to all employees to see and react to.

Characteristics of the Newsfeed


Newsfeed Image 1

The user's Profile Card is located to the left of the Newsfeed. This is where all personal statistics regarding the user can be found.

  • Total Points earned
  • Total Recognition received
  • Total Badges earned
  • Clicking on the number of Points, Recognition, or Badges earned will filter the Newsfeed to show the posts relevant to the selected stat.

    Newsfeed Image 2-1
  • Further filtering of the Newsfeed can be done using the Filter Menu below "Pinned Posts" found on the actual Newsfeed
    • By Department
    • By Posts (ie. Finance, Sales, and Service)


The News Feed Image 2

The Workplace Card is located to the right of the Newsfeed.

This is where a global snapshot of the workplace regarding Points, Recognition, and Badges can be found.

  • Total Points awarded
  • Total Recognition given
  • Total Badges awarded
  • The Top 3 participants over the last 30 days are also showcased at the bottom of the card:
    • Most awarded participant (with Applauz Points)
    • Most recognized participant
    • Most badged participant

Functionalities of the Newsfeed

The Newsfeed is the home page of the platform. It's the Hub of all actions happening on Applauz. Start using the Newsfeed by recognizing a peer or by creating a new post.

New Posts & Recognition

Create new posts or recognition by using the form at the top of the Newsfeed.


General Announcements Posts

Keep your workforce informed of important company matters by posting messages and pictures to the Newsfeed. A company-wide email notification can be sent when a Post needs to be seen by everyone rapidly. If needed, you can also edit (within a 5-minute limit) or delete your posts.

Regular posts new image
You can even attach images and Gifs if you want to liven up the posts and make them either eye catching, or even more personalized.

Recognition Posts

Recognize a specific employee or a group of people for their collaborative efforts. Owners & Managers can also elevate their recognition message with Badges and or Applauz Points. Recognition Posts are distinguishable by a teal colored bar.

The News Feed Image 5

Event Posts

Applauz can automatically announce and celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries on the Newsfeed. Event Posts are distinguishable by a yellow bar and feature the celebrated participant's profile with a decorative background.

Newsfeed Image 5


Anyone can respond to a post by reacting using one of the available reactions.

Newsfeed Image 6
From Left to Right the options are:
Great Job
High Five!


Anyone can comment on posts in the Newsfeed. After commenting there is a 5-minute time limit for editing any mistakes.

The News Feed Image 7


On posts that have yet to be awarded any points or badges you can simply click on the "award" tab below the post to assign either points, or badges.

You'll be able to either distribute points in increments of 100 or 250 points at a time, and below that, select the appropriate badge you wish to give.

Newsfeed Image 7-1

Once you've selected either how many points to award, or which badge you'd like to award, simply click on the the "Award" button to finalize the action.