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Peer-to-Peer Recognition is the driving force of an Employee Recognition Program.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition is a mechanism that supports valuable, positive employee feedback. It helps keep your people connected and informed of all the great things they do at work.

Receiving recognition from our colleagues and peers is just as important as receiving it from our managers and bosses.

By letting coworkers congratulate each other for their mutual achievements, Applauz helps foster collaboration, teamwork, and meaningful professional relationships.

This article will explore the function of Peer-to-Peer Recognition on Applauz and how employees can offer official recognition to their peers.

The Newsfeed: The Home of Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Applauz Newsfeed (the home page of the platform) is built to support peer recognition! 


The Newsfeed is where any participant can write a recognition message and post it for everyone to see. 

In the next section, we'll see how any employee can create a new recognition post.

How to create a recognition post

Every Applauz participant can create a new recognition post.

Simply access the post composer at the top of the Newsfeed. Select ‘Recognition.’ 


The Post Composer will expand and you will be prompted to select the person(s) you'd like to offer recognition to and type your recognition message. 

You can make the message even more personal and special with images, Recognition Badges, and GIFS!

Note: By default, only Program Managers have access to grant Applauz Points with a recognition message. 

Once a recognition message is posted to the Newsfeed it will look like the image below. Recognition posts are designated by a teal coloured bar.

Engaging with posts on the Newsfeed

The  Newsfeed enables employees to “like”, “congratulate”, or publish a personalized post about their colleagues anytime they wish. Any participant can respond and react to a recognition post. Everyone can share their appreciation!


From left to right:

  • Like
  • Great Job
  • Congratulate
  • High Five!

Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Recognition 

It feels great to be appreciated; this is a universal truth.

The opposite is also true: A lack of appreciation and recognition is a leading cause of employee dissatisfaction. 

Words of recognition and appreciation are vital. Most importantly, they are cost and time effective. Simply put, low effort and high reward!

Among other things, peer recognition helps with:

  • Fostering long-term employee morale and engagement
  • Building a positive and vibrant company culture
  • Supporting employee productivity and motivation
  • Improving employee experience and job satisfaction
  • Promoting healthy professional relationships

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