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Reward Employees with Custom Company Perks

published: July 26, 2019

Create Custom Company Perks for either specific groups of employees, or individual employees. Perks are customized rewards that a Program Owner can create under the program settings menu. Custom Company Perks can be something as simple as offering employees the boss' parking spot for a week, or a free catered company lunch. The sky's the limit with the Applauz Custom Company Perks feature!

How Perks works:

  • As the Program Owner or Manager, you set the Perk and its Points cost
  • Choose what you wish to offer and customize your Perk listing with a description, Points cost,  an optional deadline and quantity (if applicable)
  • Applauz deducts a 25% fee in Points from the value of the Perk upon redemption. This fee is withdrawn from your Company Points Bank as a service charge once the Perk is actually redeemed
  • 75% of the Perk’s cost in Points will be redeposited into your Program's Points Bank upon redemption and can be re-attributed to your program participants
  • Once a Perk is created employees of the company will receive an email informing them of the new Perk
  • Employees use their own earned Applauz Points to purchase these Perks
  • If a Perk is redeemed, the owner or manager will get notified via email
    • Once a Perk is redeemed, the owner or manager must then choose between Fulfilling or Cancelling the redemption
  • Once the decision is made by the owner or manager, an email notification is sent to the employee indicating whether they have acquired the Perk, or if their points have been reimbursed due to cancellation
There are two distinct types of Perks you can choose from:

Personal Perks

A Personal Perk is a custom reward that can be given to individual Employees. Its Points cost is totally and always up to you to decide. An example of a Personal  Perk could be a premium parking spot, a day off of work, or something that individual employees can redeem from the company, such as (company) branded t-shirts and mugs.

Group Perks

Group Perks are intended to be awarded to a group of Participants (employees) who collectively contribute their Applauz Points to “redeem” the Group Perk from the marketplace. Examples of Group Perks could be a catered BBQ lunch for everyone. Everyone who contributed their points to redeem this Perk would be included as guests at the barbecue lunch. Group Perks can be a great way for your Recognition Points to subsidize your Company culture events and initiatives.

How to Create a Perk for Your Program

To begin creating your business' custom Perks click on the "Perks" button in the top navigation of your Applauz Platform.

Company Perks Image 1-1


From there you will be brought to your Perks page where you will be able to see all the available Perks for both Personal and Group Perks.

Perks Feature Image

To create a new Perk, click on the "+ Add a Perk" button located on the Perks navigation bar to the very left.

Company Perks Image 2-1


From here a Modal will appear allowing you to select what kind of Perk you would like to include as well as all the needed details of each.

Once the modal appears you must:

  • Select the kind of Perk you would like to create: Personal or Group
Company Perks Image 4
  • The next steps are to select or upload the required image to depict your perk along with the theme colour, name, and description
Company Perks Image 5
  • Finally (for Personal Perks) enter the Points Price, total Quantity of said Perk, and until when the Perk will be available for redemption
Company Perks Image 6


  • Once everything has been set, simply click on "Create Perk"

For Group Perks, follow all the exact same steps of the Personal Perk creator with the following exceptions:

  • Select "Group Perk" at the top of the appearing modal
Company Perks Image 7

From here follow the exact same steps as Personal Perks until you reach the cost section of the Perk, here do the following:

  • Enter the total cost of Points to be contributed by every member the Perk applies to and the deadline by which the points need to be gathered by
Company Perks Image 8
  • From here, click on "Create Perk" and your group Perk will be created!