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    Perks are custom rewards that the Applauz Administrator or any managers can create.

    Perks can be something as simple as an afternoon off or a free lunch. Employees collect Applauz Points for a job well done and redeem their Points for Perks or a gift in the Applauz Marketplace.

    As opposed to gifts in the Marketplace, creating your own custom Perks allow for reward personalization and flexibility. You know your team best, so the sky's the limit with the Applauz Perks!

    What we'll cover:

    Pro Tip: Not sure what your employees want as a Perk?
    Check out these fun reward ideas for your employees. Or, you can poll your employees with Applauz Company Polls.

    How to Create a New Personal Perk

    1. First off, you must turn on the Perks module, navigate to Program>Settings.

    Here you will find Program Options. Toggle on the Enable Company Perks option.


    Note: Only the Administrator has access to the Program Options menu. But, any participants assigned to the role of Manager have permission to create a new Custom Perk. For more on Applauz Roles and permissions, click here.

    2. Navigate to the newly populated Perks menu in the main navigation bar:


    3. To create a new Perk, click on the "+ Add a Perk" button located on the Perks navigation bar to the very left.


    4. From here, a Modal will appear, allowing you to select Personal Perk and to input all the basic details of the Perk, such as name, description, etc.


    5. Finally, you must enter the number of Points or Badges an employee will need to redeem this Perk and the date that the Perk will expire.

    6. Once everything has been set, simply click on "Create Perk."

    How to Create a New Group Perk

    1. To create a Group Perk, follow the same steps for Personal Perks and select Group Perk instead.


    2. Fill out all the basic information about the Perk, such as the name and the description.

    3. Input the number of Points that the Group Perk will "cost," and a deadline.

    4. Once everything has been set, simply click on "Create Perk."

    How Employees Can Redeem Perks

    In this section, we will explain how your employees can access and browse the Perks and redeem their hard-earned Applauz Points for these custom rewards.

    1. Employees can access custom Perks available by navigating to the Perks menu in the main navigation bar. 

    Once inside the menu, they will see all the custom Perks you've created for them.


    2. Employees can browse by Personal Perks or Group Perks, and simply need to select the desired Perk and click on 'Redeem Using Points or Badges.'


    3. The employee's manager and the program administrator will be automatically notified of the request by email. The request to redeem a Perk can be accepted or cancelled. 

    4. In both cases -- whether the Perk was accepted or cancelled -- the employee will be notified by email.

    5. Finally, if you accept the request to redeem the Perk, you can arrange to have the Perk delivered to the employee! How you go about this is entirely up to you.

    Contributing to & redeeming a Group Perk

    Redeeming Group Perks work a bit differently than Personal Perks, as multiple employees can contribute to redeem a Group Perk.

    1. To contribute, employees should click on the desired Group Perk and input the number of Points they wish to contribute. As more employees contribute, the progress bar will move towards the target Points. 

    2. When the target number of Points is met, the program administrator and employees' managers will receive a notification email. The request to redeem a Group Perk can be accepted or cancelled.


    3. Once you accept the request to redeem the Group Perk, you can arrange to have the Perk delivered to all the employees who contributed! Once again, how you go about this is entirely up to you.

    Note: Upon redemption of a Perk, Applauz deducts a 10% fee of the Perks' Point value from your Points Bank. The remaining 90% of the Perks' "price" in Points will be re-deposited into your Points Bank to be re-attributed to employees!

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