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Keep your employee database up to date with your Azure Organization

By integrating your Azure profile with your Applauz account, you will be able to save time on uploading your entire list of employees with the simple clock of the “sync” button, and you can keep your employee list automatically up-to-date. This help file gives precise instructions on how to sync your Applauz employee list with a pre-existing Microsoft Azure list.

Connecting your Azure account to your Applauz program is a simple two-step process

  • Connecting your azure account requires Azure admin access.
  • If your an admin on Azure - Navigate to the Settings page and scroll down to the Azure Active Directory section. From there Simply click the button “Give access to your Azure AD” displayed on the Azure integration settings section
Azure AD integration Image 1-1
  • In Azure - You’ll then be prompted to “authorize Applauz on your Azure Organization”
Azure AD integration Image 3
  • Once accepted, you will be redirected back to Applauz confirming the permission was transmitted successfully
Azure AD integration Image 4
  • Continue to your Applauz Account by clicking the button 

NOTE: If you wish to revoke the permission, click on the link below the button to go back to your Azure AD account to do so.

If you don’t have admin access to your azure account, copy and send the link displayed to your Azure administrator

Azure AD integration Image 2

Syncing your employee list

You’ll then proceed by clicking on the “sync” button to import all users into your Applauz program.

  • Navigate to the Integrations page under Program and in the Azure Active Directory section select Import Users
Azure AD integration Image 5-1
  • From here select Sync to update your Applauz employee list accordingly
  • Back on the Azure Active Directory section of the settings page, Turn-On Auto-Sync users every 24 hours to continually keep your employee list updated

NOTE: Be sure your Azure profile is always kept up-to-date, or else your Applauz account will not be accurate.


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