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Awarding Recognition Badges

published: July 11, 2019

Badges act as recognition medals. When you recognize an employee for a job well done, you can also choose to award them with a badge representing their achievement — award badges to celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, employee dedication, or any valuable company contribution.

Recognition Badges are free and help motivate your workforce in a fun and engaging way.

Using Badges is a great way to step up your recognition efforts. Recognition Badges can support your employee engagement efforts by displaying visual “thank yous” that your employees can collect to remember their individual achievements.

The Recognition Badges are divided into three thematic categories, namely “Celebrations,” “Good Work,” and “Values.” These types of Recognition Badges help you illustrate precisely what you’re grateful for.

Benefits of Recognition Badges

  • A choice of 30+ badges to celebrate every type of employee achievement
  • Fosters a game-like and engaging feeling
  • Motivates your workforce to collect as many recognition badges as they can


  • Assists to identify and value each of your employees’ specific skills and contributions
  • Improves company culture and employee engagement
  • Contributes to a positive work environment
  • Can be used to understand the individual impact of every employee

Asset 13@2xBadge Name Customization

Badge names can be customized (in both English & French) to better reflect your company's goals & values. Below is a step-by-step guide to modifying a badge name.

Only available to Managers & Program Owners.
  1. ProgramCustomization
  2. Switch between Block view & List view to change how the badges are displayed on the page. (optional)
  3. Select the desired badge category "Celebrations", "Good Work", or "Values".
  4. Scroll to locate the badge you want to modify.
  5. Replace the default badge name with the desired badge name in the appropriate language field.badge-name
  6. Save Changes