Saying “thank you” and “good job” to your employees regularly is an important part of keeping your employees feeling appreciated and engaged. 

A “thank you” is a great start. But it can lack a personalized touch.

With Applauz Recognition, Managers can grant Recognition Badges to their employees. Creating a more meaningful and genuine recognition experience.

In this article, we will explore the Applauz Badge feature so you can start making your recognition efforts more personalized and special!

What we'll cover: 

Using Recognition Badges

Recognition Badges are key to recognition-giving on Applauz. And they are free to use! Badges are divided into three thematic categories:

  • Celebrations
  • Good Work
  • Values


Key Benefits of Recognition Badges on Applauz:

  • A choice of 30+ pre-set Recognition Badges to celebrate every type of work achievement
  • Badges create a personal and tailored recognition message
  • Employee Badges are tracked under Profile>Accomplishment
  • Improves company culture and employee engagement
  • Contributes to a positive work environment


How to Award Badges to Employees

Badges are available to offer as part of regular recognition-giving on the Applauz Newsfeed. Here's how to attach a Badge to any recognition message.

  1. Navigate to the post creator at the top of the Applauz Newsfeed
  2. Make sure the Recognition tab is selected (not the Post tab)
  3. Search for the name of the individual or department you’d like to recognize
  4. Type a recognition message
  5. Select the Badge of choice
  6. Finish by clicking Recognize to post the message to the company Newsfeed

Note: You can add a GIPHY or image to your Recognition post for even more personalization and creativity.


How to Customize your Recognition Program's Badges

Although Applauz Recognition comes with a variety of default Badges, you can create your own Badges or modify existing Badges to personalize your program.

There are two ways to create a more customized recognition experience with Badges:

  1. Names of Badges can be modified.
  2. Create your very own custom Badges.

Modifying a Badge name

Navigate to Program > Customization > Recognition Badges

Here you will find all default Badges organized by theme

Simply click on the name field of the Badge you want to modify. Type a new name and hit Save Changes in the upper right corner.


How to create a custom Badge

Navigate to Program > Customization > Recognition Badges

On the top left side on the main page, click on Add New Badge. A modal window will pop up. 

Upload a photo for your custom Badge, give it a name, and assign the Badge to a theme. Click on Save to finalize.

Your new Badge will now be available to attach to any Recognition message!


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