Managing Your Service Awards Program

Understand the global view and the statuses associated with your gift-vouchers. Also download service award certificates for your employees.

Once your Service Award Program is set up, you can access a global view and the status of all your employee celebrations in the main Service Awards menu.

The colour of the celebration badge reflects the status of the Gift-Voucher. While the number in the badge represents milestone they are celebrating.

For example, in the image below, in the case of Charles Fays, he was previously sent a Spot-Gift that was succesfully redeemed and his 5th-year anniversary Gift-Voucher is purchased and scheduled.

Service Award Certificates

When a employee is assigned a Service Award, Applauz generates a certificate for the company to award to the employee. This certificate can be printed at anytime.

Click the “download” icon on the desired Gift-Voucher to view and print the PDF Certificate.