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How Employees Answer Pulse Surveys

How are they notified, and what do they look like.

Every week (depending on the frequency set my the company), there will be a new set of Pulse Survey questions being sent to participants. They will be notified in 2 ways:

  • The survey will appear on the Newsfeed, above the Post Composer
  • Notification emails will be sent on Mondays.


On the Newsfeed, the employees will be able to answer their questions directly. By email, they will receive a call to action button. Clicking on this button will redirect the employee to a dedicated pulse page to answer the questions.

What do the questions look like?

Each week, survey questions are pushed to the employees (as described above) and will follow these conditions:

  1. Five total questions per week.
  2. A theme is chosen at random.
  3. Four questions from that theme are generated, also at random.
  4. The fifth question is an eNPS question, also chosen at random (only if the eNPS theme is enabled.)

Note: Employees can skip a question. This will be counted as a “non-answer.”

As long as they haven’t answered all of the five weekly questions, employees may also go back to the previous questions and change their answers. 

Note: Employees can answer all the questions at once, or once per day. As long as they complete them before they expire at the end of the week.