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The Applauz Rewards Marketplace elevates your Employee Recognition Program with an online rewards catalogue. 

Employees can spend their hard-earned Applauz Points or work anniversary gift-vouchers on a reward they truly want.

The Rewards Marketplace allows your most deserving employees to quickly and safely redeem their points for the reward of their choice. They can browse among more than 3,000 products from over 300 world-class brands! 

How to Access The Rewards Marketplace

Once logged into the Applauz web App, employees click on "Marketplace" menu in the top left corner of the main navigation bar.  


The Rewards Marketplace is much like any e-commerce experience. But instead of shopping with money, your employees shop with their earned Applauz Points or a work anniversary gift-voucher.

They can browse by brand or product category. Employees can also filter by price.  


Items listed on the Rewards Marketplace are displayed using the equivalent points value for the cost of the item. In other words, instead of showing the actual dollar value, Applauz displays its value in Applauz Points.


Employees who earn Points for their achievements can redeem them for any product they wish, so long as they’ve earned enough recognition points to purchase the item.

If they are eyeing an item but don't have enough Points in their bank, employees can top-up their Applauz Points and pay for the difference.


Benefits of the Rewards Marketplace

  • Employees choose their own rewards
  • Fully-integrated with Applauz Recognition for no-hassle e-commerce purchases
  • More than 3,000 products available from over 300 of today’s most luxurious and recognized brands
  • 2-day shipping (within Canada) with package tracking anywhere
  • Gift cards and experiential rewards available!
  • Marketplace reports for administrators (orders, returns, etc)
  • Toll-free customer support and live chat
Interested in learning more?

Check out how Applauz rewards and recognition can help you build a world-class recognition and engagement program for your organization! 

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