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Referring Colleagues to Applauz

published: July 31, 2019

If you’ve been enjoying your Applauz Recognition Program and know a few people who could benefit from using Applauz, why not invite them to join by using our new built-in Colleague Referral Program.

How does it work?

Refer a colleague to earn 2,000 Applauz points for your recognition program. That’s a value of 200$ for every person you invite to start an Employee Engagement Program!

When the person you refer signs up and successfully launches their company’s Applauz Recognition Program, they will receive 1,000 free points and you will receive 2,000 free points for having referred them. It’s that simple!

Where do I go?

  1. Open your Applauz Program Settings:
    Program > Settings
  2. Scroll down a locate the Referrals card
  3. Select Invite to open the Colleague Referral Modal
Referring Colleagues to Applauz image 1