If your workforce already uses Microsoft Office Teams as their main communication channel, connecting the Applauz app with your Microsoft Office Teams allows your employees to stay updated on what's happening on Applauz without having to switch platforms.

The Applauz MS Teams app allows you do to the following without leaving MS Teams:

  • View Newsfeed activity (recognition messages, posts, and polls)
  • Give recognition to an employee or peer (with Points)
  • Answer weekly Pulse Surveys

How to Add Applauz to MS Teams

Note: These instructions apply to Applauz program Owners.

Step 1: Generate your REST API key on Applauz

Login to your Applauz account and navigate to Program>Integrations.


In the menu, you will see a button to generate your REST API key, click on the button to do so. A long string of letters and digits should appear. Save this for a later step in the process. 


Step 2: Create an MS Teams channel for Applauz Announcements

Log into your MS Teams account.

When connecting the Applauz app, you will be asked to select which channel you want your Applauz updates to show up in.

You can select any existing channel. However, we recommend creating a dedicated channel called "Applauz Announcements," "Recognition & Appreciation," or "Recognition Announcements."

If you decide to create a new channel, do this now. Otherwise, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Add Applauz to MS Teams

Click on the "Apps" icon in the bottom left of the sidebar to access the app store.

Search for "Applauz" in the app store.


Select on the Applauz Recognition app and click the "add to a teams" button on the left.


From the drop-down, select the MS Teams channel you want the Applauz notification to show up in.


Before clicking on submit, click on the small arrow next to the submit button to open the dropdown. Click on “Set up a connector.


You will be prompted to submit your REST API Key from the first step of this process.  Copy, paste your REST API key and click "save."


Once this step is completed successfully, you will see this modal appear.




What happens next?

Once Applauz is connected to a given channel, everyone in that channel will receive notifications from Applauz and be asked to log into their Applauz account.

msteams2 (1)

Once logged in, they should see three different tabs appear on MS Team -- "Home," "Recognition," "Pulse Surveys." This means the app has been successfully connected! 


Test the connection

You can test your integration by logging into Applauz and posting a test announcement on the Applauz Newsfeed.

The test announcement you post to the Newsfeed on Applauz should auto-populate in your MS Teams channel in real-time.

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