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If your organization already uses ADP, integrating your ADP profile with your Applauz account, will save you the time of having to enter each of your employees manually in each environment, and it will keep your employee list automatically up-to-date.

How to Launch the Integration

First, make sure to have an active Applauz account and have administrator access to ADP WFN.

In Applauz, go to Program>Integration and copy the API key. If the API key is not generated yet, click on “Generate API Key.”

After you’ve copied the API key, click on “Subscribe to the Applauz App” on the ADP card.


You’ll be redirected to the ADP marketplace.

Click on “Buy now” to purchase the licence needed for the ADP Data Connector.

On the second step, paste in the API Key you generated from Applauz.

photo 2

Continue with the purchase and complete the payment.

Go back to Applauz and navigate back to the Program>Integrations page. (You might need to refresh the page.)

Here, you’ll need to give consent to Applauz to your ADP WFN. Click on "Request consent."

photo 3

Note: Make sure to be logged in as Administrator to give consent to Applauz.

Now click on the “Sync” button of the ADP panel to start syncing the employees. 

photo 4Wait for the list of employees to load (this might take a couple of minutes).

You’ll see a list of all the employees that will be added, updated or deleted.


Click on “Sync” to confirm the sync.

This will sync all active employees with a valid email address to Applauz. 

Logging into Applauz with ADP

For employees who have previously been synced. They will be able to log into their Applauz account through ADP.

On the login page, click on the “Login with ADP” button. Upon the first log in the employee will be prompted to log into their ADP account, and give consent to Applauz. 


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