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    By integrating your BambooHR profile with your Applauz account, it will save you the time of having to enter each of your employees manually, and it will keep your employee list up-to-date.

    Generate an API Key from BambooHR

    1. Log into your BambooHR account. You need to have an active account with your pre-selected subdomain name
    2. Click on your profile icon (top right) and select API keys from the generated drop down menu
    3. Click on the + Add New Key button, instigating a modal to pop-up on screen
    4. Choose a name for the new API Key, and click on Generate Key
    5. Copy (Ctrl+C) your newly generated API Key, you will need it later.

    Note: The API Key generated will only be shown once. Ensure you copy it before closing the window; otherwise, you’ll have to generate a new API Key in order to connect your BambooHR and Applauz accounts. 


    Integrate BambooHR with Applauz Recognition

    1. Log into your Applauz Account, and navigate to your Integrations Page
      Bamboo Integration Image 1
    2. Select the BambooHR_Install from the BambooHR window on your screen
      Bamboo Integration Image 2
    3. Log in to your BambooHR account by entering your sub-domain name and Pasting (Ctrl+V) your API Key
    4. Back on the BambooHR section, select “Import Users” to pull your list of employees from your BambooHR account
    5. A modal will appear showing you how many users will be created, updated, and how many users conflict with another Applauz Account and therefore cannot be imported
    6. Select the drop down option “Users which won’t be updated” to see a list of all conflicting employees that will not be imported
    7. Clicking on continue will bring up a list of all employees who will be synced with your Applauz account
    8. To initiate the integration, select Sync
    9. If you want to be consistently up-to-date, you can select the option at the bottom of this section that reads: Auto-sync every 24 hours for automatic synchronization of your employee lists between BambooHR and Applauz Recognition 

    How user roles are carried over to Applauz when a BambooHr is connected

    Once you’ve integrated both accounts, so long as you keep your BambooHR profile up to date, with the auto-sync feature selected on Applauz, both your profiles will remain up-to-date and current.

    Employees added from a BambooHR integration will (upon the next Applauz software update) be automatically added to the Applauz platform and assigned the role of "employee," regardless of their individual titles at their respective company.
    Note: This is related to Applauz's assigned roles: "owner," "manager" or "employee" (which is tied to user permissions on Applauz) and not the participant's "Job Title," such as "Customer Service Agent," (assigned to them by the company they work for). Their job title will always be ported from the company's BambooHR account and will continue to get picked up by Applauz (via the software integration) if, in fact, this field has a corresponding value set from BambooHR itself, if no value is set, the field remains empty as is currently the case.
    If you wish to "bump up" a newly added participants to the role of "Reward Manager," the Applauz account Owner can complete this manually in just a few clicks. Learn how to do that, here.

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