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    Managers are the link between you and your Employees. Think of them as your Employee Engagement Superheros!

    Applauz Managers drive your day-to-day employee engagement and recognition efforts.

    Employees you select as Managers exist to support your daily recognition activities to ensure your program is performing optimally. In short, assigning Applauz Managers is key to your recognition program’s overall success.

    Note: The individuals you designate as Applauz Managers are usually Managers at your organization. However, it really could be anyone you choose and trust to perform the important recognition duties assigned to the Applauz Manager Role.

    What Managers CAN do:

    What Managers CAN'T do:

    How Managers Give Recognition on Applauz

    Employee Recognition best practices include recognizing your most deserving employees whenever they go above and beyond their mandates, completing an important task, or exemplifying your company values.

    Employees who feel valued and recognized for their work are known to be more productive and loyal to their organization.

    Note: By default, only users assigned to the role of Manager and Administrator have the power to recognize with Badges or Applauz Points. But, default permissions for each role can be modified by the Administrator.


    Assigning Managers on Applauz Image 1


    How to Assign the Role of Manager

    Normally Roles can be assigned upon the initial creation of a new user profile.

    However, Administrators can "promote" any participant to the Role of program Manager on Applauz. 

    To do this, simply navigate to Employees>Manage.

    From the full list of employees that appears on the screen, find the employee you wish to give managerial responsibility to and click on the blue "Edit" button to the right of their name:

    Doing this will take you to the employee information page (see below).
    Here, you can click on any of the blue 'Edit' buttons to modify the details associated with a specific employee. This includes their basic information, but also information like which Role, Department, and Team they belong to.
    To specifically modify the Role, scroll to the bottom the the 'Roles' section. Click "Edit."
    You will enter the 'Edit Roles' menu. 
    Here you will see a list of the Roles available in your program. To assign the Role of Manager, toggle the Manager button on. It should turn blue once it's enabled.
    When you return to the employee information page, the card in the 'Roles' section should reflect the update and now show 'Managers' (and not 'Employees').


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