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Track Employee Performance With Applauz Goals

Encourage positive behaviour
and reward success!

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Make goal-tracking easy for managers

Goals give managers the tools to track work objectives. Managers can decide to recognize and reward employees who complete their goals with Points. Goals can also be used alongside your preferred project management software to boost employee performance.

Launching a new Goal is simple. A manager can set up and assign a Goal in just a few clicks, and employees are instantly notified.


Empower Managers to Reward Employees

Spread the power of gratitude.

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Motivate with transparency & give timely rewards

With Goals, employees won't wonder if their hard work will get noticed. Because once a Goal is complete, Applauz Points are put automatically into an employee's Points bank. Employees can then have some fun by spending their hard-earned Points on Perks or Gifts from the Rewards Marketplace.

Goals provide transparency between employees and managers. Employees stay motivated because they always know what they are working toward.


Support learning & wellness objectives

Modern workers want to learn and grow at work. That's why managers can formalize all kinds of Goals—not just performance-related ones.

Reward all actions that contribute positively to your culture and employee growth. For instance, challenge your teams to read a book per month or participate in a yoga class. Turn these learning and wellness opportunities into Goals so that managers can recognize employees for their efforts.

Build an Extraordinary Workplace

Recognize, reward, and engage each employee.

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