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    All Applauz accounts come with a reporting module that can be accessed by the Program Administrator and Managers. You can use Applauz reports to analyze trends and participant involvement in your recognition program.

    In this article, we will give you a high-level tour of Workplace and Engagement Reports. We will also go into greater detail about what these statistics mean for your recognition program.

    Culture and Engagement Reports

    The Culture and Engagement Reports are found under the Reports menu in the top navigation bar of your Applauz program.


    Filtering data 

    Once you've entered the Report menu, start by setting the time frame you would like the data to reflect by clicking "Change" at the top of the report module.


    You can select a rolling date range (ex. past three months, six months, etc.) or choose "a custom time" range.

    Managers can also data filter by departments and/or teams.

    Note: Managers can only view data of the departments and teams they are assigned to supervising.

    The Workplace Reports

    Under Workplace Reports you will find:

    • Culture Report
    • Redemption and Rewards Report.

    First, Let's explore the dashboards under the Culture Report, what they mean, and how this data can help you improve your recognition program.


    Ratings Dashboard

    The first dashboard under the Culture Report is Ratings.

    Here, participants are categorized into three groups: Builders, Promoters, and Stars.

    Note: Click on the dashboard elements to expand them and view which employees fall into each group.

    • Builders hold a Culture Score of under 50. These employees involve themselves in your company's recognition program. But there is definitely room for improvement.
    • Promoters hold a total Culture Score of between 50 and 75. If you notice that most of your employees are Promoters, good job! This is ideal. Nevertheless, if you don't see any Promoters eventually converting into Stars, you should continue to encourage your Promoters to be champions of the platform.
    • Stars hold a total Culture Score of above 75. As the name implies, these participants are the stars of your program, as they are highly active on Applauz. 

    Tip: Realistically, you want to see participants distributed across all three groups in a typical bell curve form, with most participants falling into the middle.

    Scores Dashboard

    Next you will see the Scores dashboard.

    This Dashboard gives you a high-level overview of your program's participation trends with the Culture Score, Adoption Score, and Daily Logins.

    The Culture Score is based on several data points gathered from the actions employees take on Applauz. Naturally, the more active your employees are on Applauz, the higher their Culture Score will be.

    In short, this score is a great indicator of the program's overall success. You should always aim to improve your Culture Score.

    Each employee has an individual Culture Score, which can be viewed on the Employee's Profile.

    Note: You can click on any dashboard with a thin blue border to expand the report and view it in greater detail.

    New and Upcoming dashboard

    The New and Upcoming dashboard is an excellent way for Managers to anticipate key events coming up for employees. 

    This dashboard displays the company's newest employee and which employees are celebrating an upcoming birthday and work anniversaries.

    Leaderboard dashboard

    The Leaderboard dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of which employees and managers are the most engaged on Applauz. This is done by measuring their activity level on the platform.

    Employees classified as "Stars" will appear at the top of the Leaderboard!

    Pulse Survey report

    If your program is running automated Pulse Surveys, on this dashboard you will find the data collected from your employee's responses to surveys. The Pulse Survey reports can be found both in the Reports menu or the Pulse Surveys menu.

    Learn more about how to use Pulse Survey reports here. 

    Redemption and Rewards Report

    Under this Report, you will find dashboards for Applauz Points and your Service Awards Program (if active).

    The Points dashboard displays employees who are the biggest givers of Points, the biggest receivers of Points, and finally, the biggest spenders of Points. 

    You will also see a cumulative total of Points given and redeemed across the entire workforce.

    Your Company's Engagement Reports

    Engagement Reports drill down and display dashboards to help Administrators and Managers better understand how employees are using the Newsfeed, Goals, and Polls.


    Newsfeed Dashboard

    The Newsfeed dashboard drills down into the global trends of actions taken on your company Newsfeed.

    For instance: number of recognition, posts, badges, reactions, comments and Points awarded.

    The dashboard will also indicate a change in frequency in these actions over time. It's ideal to always be in the green!


    Goals Dashboard

    Goals dashboard gives you a snapshot of statistics related to the usage of Applauz Goals feature.

    Namely: the total number of Goals created, number of active Goals, achieved, and missed. 

    The dashboard will also show you the employee who has completed the most Goals. And which employee has created and assigned the most Goals.

    Polls Dashboard

    The Polls dashboard sheds light on how effectively participants are using the Company Polls feature.

    The top of this dashboard displays the total number of Polls creates and the total answer rate. On the right panel, you can also view all expired Polls and the answer breakdown for each.

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